Frequently Asked Questions

This document attempts to answer the most common questions about Linux/mac68k. Please read it before posting questions to the mailing list. In particular, the FAQ has some information about getting started with Linux on 68k Macs:

Penguin Booter

For various reasons, Macs cannot load the Linux kernel directly on startup. Instead, the Penguin booter is used to load the kernel from MacOS and boot Linux. This document is a general getting started guide to using Penguin, and includes a reference to the various settings.

Linux Cross Development Tools

Includes information and links for obtaining m68k cross-compilers for use on Linux systems.

Mac OS X Cross Development Tools

Includes instructions for building kernels and links to m68k cross-compilers for use on Mac OS X systems.

"I don't care if space aliens ate my mouse"
or "Porting Linux To The Apple Macintosh"

A study in both the technical and human issues in porting the Linux OS to a new M68K target platform. And an analysis of the effectiveness of the platform independent features of the Macintosh. Mostly however an essay on the dangers of saying "Well all you need to do is..."

"Linux on Obsolete Hardware"

Discusses the long-term relevance of open source projects like this one.

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