Penguin bootloader

Penguin may be downloaded from the SourceForge project page. You can also get it from the old FTP site or the Debian archive.

Linux kernel

The latest Debian kernel binary is available from the Debian snapshot archive in the form of a .deb package. The kernel binary has to be extracted from the .deb package in order that the Penguin bootloader can use it. The loadable kernel modules may present a problem (if you need them). Debian systems generate an initrd containing the kernel modules, and this initrd needs to be made available to Penguin along with the kernel binary.

EMILE bootloader

EMILE has several advantages over Penguin. Download EMILE from the EMILE File Release page. See the EMILE HOWTO for usage instructions.

Penguin Booter

See the Penguin HOWTO for information on how to use Penguin to boot Linux. You can download the latest version of Penguin at the File Release page. Older versions are available from the FTP site. Version 19 has fixed compatibility with many machines.


The FAQ has a list of MacOS utilities that may be useful on a dual-boot system.

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