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Cross Development Tools

If you've ever tried compiling a kernel on your 68k Mac, you probably realized that it could take days to accomplish anything meaningful. Fortunately, there is a cross-compiler available for Intel x86 here. Please see the FAQ for some more information on what you should do.

If you want a newer version of gcc, you'll have to compile it yourself. There are some good HOWTO's out there on cross-compiling, or you can take a look at the FAQ.

Getting the cross-compiler

If you are running Linux/x86 and would like to use pre-built binaries, go to the file release page and download the files in the Cross-Compilers package.

If you are running Debian GNU/Linux and would like to build your own cross-development tools, try the Emdebian Cross Toolchains document.

If you are running a Linux distribution other than Debian (or another UNIX-like operating system), try crosstool.


We suggest you install the cross-compiler tools somewhere other than /usr, as you may end up overwriting certain files which you do not want to lose. We won't be held responsible if you do. We warned you. Installing the packages in your home directory and setting the various environment variables (e.g. $PATH) might be a good idea.

Start Hacking!

Download the Linux source code, then start compiling! Use make ARCH=m68k when making all targets. See the FAQ for details on getting the source.


If you decide to compile a cross-compiler yourself, please note that GCC 2.95.2 has been reported to miscompile some things. These issues seem to have been worked out in compiler sources patched by Debian, however.

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